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Optimize business processwith Altitude

Altitude is an expandable & accessible electronic business development platform that is open to the world and to the future. This tool allows for the creation of web solutions and interactive communication strategies to optimize business process for SME's.

Built with
Microsoft .Net
Windows Azure

Altitude advantages

Content management
Emails contacts and mass emailing
Control of advanced SEO parameters
Flexibility and compatibility with Microsoft
Access and security management
Microsoft Azure Solutions
Omnichannel Marketing
Complete list of functionalities

Our achievements

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Soucy Track
Therrien Couture
Le Courrier
Rona Carrière
Bourret Transport
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Altitude3.Net is an electronic business development platform used to create web solutions and interactive communication strategies to optimize business process for SME's.

Altitude allows beginner users to manage website content (communication tools, e-commerce, etc.) quickly and easily while offering expert users the flexibility necessary to further advance development.

The platform allows web agencies to manage centralized updates of multiple websites at the same time. Altitude3.Net can also communicate with other systems (accounting systems, manufacturing management software (MRP), business management software (ERP), databases, Excel files, XML, CSV or all other kinds of structural data) thus centralizing the web DNA and the business' data.


In 2001, Nmédia identified a recurring customer need, primarily in the business sector: websites needed be linked to a database and updated regularly under tight deadlines, however clients often did not have the physical resources, software, finances and manpower necessary to manage such a system internally. On the one hand, the demand for websites offering interactive capabilities was growing exponentially; but on the other hand, developing solutions customized for individual businesses was unaffordable for most small-medium enterprises.

So the Nmédia team decided to seize the opportunity to create their own unique, fully adaptable software that allows non-specialized users to bring their business online with maximum control and minimal cost. The software is called Altitudemc. It is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to control their own websites. The goal is to optimize companies' business process by creating web solutions and interactive communication strategies that offer productivity, autonomy and total simplicity.

As time went on, other versions were developed:

  • Altitude Moto and Altitude Auto, two derivatives of Altitudemc (2001- 2006);
  • Altitude 2, an improved version of the original software (2006);

Armed with this experience, the Nmédia team began developing a more powerful tool to give clients additional options and respond to an emerging market (expert users who want more flexibility in the elaboration of their websites), and also piggyback on an industry giant (Microsoft) in order to have a long-term winning solution without worrying about language use updates. Thus, in 2010, Altitude3.Net was born. The platform was developed using Microsoft's .NET Framework technology and is now using version 4.5.

Altitude3.Net users benefit from numerous platform advantages that are constantly evolving (features, performance, ergonomics, compatibility, etc.) while also benefitting from increased productivity as well.

The research and development necessary for achieving these projects was recognized and supported by Revenu Canada and by the Ministry of Revenu Québec as part of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit programs.

Awards and recognitions

Altitude3.Net stands out among other similar solutions on the market in various ways and has earned several honors:

  • 2010 - Finalist at the Mérites du français in the IT category (software application) during Francofête
  • 2011- Nmédia becomes Canadian laureate of the title Web Development Partner of the Year at the Microsoft Partner Network IMPACT Awards
  • 2012 - Winner of the Prix Franco at the Drummondville Young Chamber of Commerce annual gala
  • 2015 - Finalist at the Octas in the « Web Solutions » category, thanks to the GPC module

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